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Design and Sales


Consulting, design, installation and ongoing support.  Farallon offers a range of services for your electronics project.  Please contact us for details.


Equipment packages and parts sales.  We are experienced in both domestic and international sales and shipping.  Equipment warranties are handled through our office.


In-house Services:

  • System architecture
    • Product specification
    • System design drawings
  • Communications systems
    • PACTOR mode over HF/SSB
    • Iridium satellite voice and data
  • Instrumentation
    • Brookes & Gatehouse electronics integration
  • Computer IT
    • Computer specification
    • Software installation
    • Computer management
  • Data interfacing
    • Ships systems
    • Integrating computer systems

Associate Services (offered by Farallon Electronics Business Partners):

  • Instrumentation calibration and maintenance
    • B&G, Ockam, WTP
  • Equipment Installation
    • Battery and core electrical systems
    • Electronics and autopilots
  • Corrosion control
    • Corrosion surveys and reporting
    • Active corrosion protection systems



New Products

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